Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tomato Garden, charged by: the United States has a lot of piracy

For tomato garden "was Abstract", Business Software Alliance President and CEO 缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Mann said in an interview that the verdict has aroused world wide attention, it can be seen that the Chinese law enforcement agencies and courts in preventing this site through the network to download large-scale spread of piracy process, have made great efforts.

缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Mann acknowledged that the Business Software Alliance reported to law enforcement first tomato garden, and then conducted a survey of its law enforcement agencies. Eventually, the head of Hong Lei Tomato Garden case in the final Huoxing 3 years and 6 months and was fined one million yuan.

"The United States has a lot of piracy"

According to an online survey of users to vote, more than half of the tomato garden that the Court sentence for Lei Hong overweight. For users of discussion and debate, 缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Mann said, "We support the decision made by the Chinese government," but he also believes that the United States, public opinion and sometimes there is a conflict between the law, because "not everyone fully endorse the verdict in certain cases. "

Business Software Alliance figures released each year to measure the Asia-Pacific, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions of China piracy situation, 缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Mann said that in the United States, piracy also exists, "Every year, more than 500 related software piracy case, the United States is the Business Software Alliance Plan of Action to implement the most active defenders region. "

"In my life, a recent case the United States. A website operated by the pirated software to download and disseminate and receive huge benefits from the person in charge, was sentenced to six years imprisonment. We found a similar law enforcement There are many cases. "

Focus on the fight against corporate piracy

Recently, the Shanghai Pudong court) on the Shanghai Hongtusanbao illegal pre-installed, the case of sales of Microsoft software first instance verdict: an order of two defendants to immediately cease infringement and compensate for Microsoft's total 700,000 yuan of economic losses. In the beginning of this year, the Shanghai sub-information is also because of the use of pirated software, Microsoft was the first instance verdict 400,000 yuan compensation. Business Software Alliance is also the driving force behind the case.

缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Mann said the main concern of businesses using pirated software every day. "Some companies use the software may have some after authorization, but the number used in daily operations often exceed the scope of software licenses. In this regard, the United States, China, and countries have made progress in space. In our view, not so much that is a question of law, rather it is a question of fairness. "

For individual consumers of pirated software, 缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?that "the most important thing is to educate and to provide more information so that consumers know whether they purchase counterfeit, pirated software; the same time, and also to business users understand how to manage the software. "

Network is difficult to fight piracy

缃椾集鐗归湇鍒?Man believes that the popularity of the Internet and development of network piracy pose great challenges for the copyright industries, such as online auctions online auctions lead to a lot of consumers were deceived in the purchase of pirated software, but piracy is due to network 24 hours course, this brought a lot to counter the piracy problem.

Business Software Alliance on behalf of a number of software companies worldwide to combat piracy in the world; member companies, including Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, Autodesk, Apple and so on.


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